Where Technique and Passion Collide

Program 1 Program 2

Program 1 - Cost $200

Designing and Implementing a Special Teams System
  • Special Team philosophy
    Includes: Identifying what type of coaching philosophy you have and want to use
  • Assignments and Responsibilities
    Includes: Charting; Who is responsible for what unit / positions
  • Meeting and Practice organization
    Includes: How to plan and run unit meetings
  • Rewarding System
    Includes: Development of a rewarding systems
  • Evaluation charts
    Includes: Players year around evaluation sheets
  • Setting and understand Goals vs Objectives
    Includes: Setting weekly and yearly goals & objectives with tracking chart
  • Daily/weekly practice schedule
    Includes: Complete daily and weekly practice chart breaking down each unit on a daily basis
  • 2-day schedule
    Includes: Break down of am/pm schedule what unit, drills, time.
  • Weekly walk through schedule
    Includes: Break down of game plan vs. scouting report
  • Game planning sheet
    Includes: Game planning sheet and a breakdown of game situation
  • Depth charts
    Includes: Depth chart
  • Grading system
    Includes: Grading charts of individual players on each unit . Weekly and yearly grading tracking system
  • Daily and Weekly unit drills
    Includes: Unit drills, when and how to run them
  • Playbook creation and Development
    Includes: Development of a Special Teams playbook, Play design and development